Brief Artist Bios

Brief Artist Bios

Takalani Ligege is a consciously philosophical soul. His exploration of the 'art process' creates a visual dialogue between the artist and the viewer, sharing beautiful impressions of nature in all its seasons and moods. Born on 1st of December 1979 in Shayandima, Limpopo, Takalani discovered his passion for the arts in libraries and galleries of Cape Town in 1999 and has been painting and drawing ever since. He is an artist with exceptional skills in various media. An adaptable artist who learns fast, he strokes his oil paintings to life with his technique. His recent meeting with Peter Clarke (His soul rest in peace) inspired his taste for print making of which he already shows awe inspiring signs of mastery. His technical awareness, adaptability, attention to details and persistence always seem to leave masterly impressions on the chosen canvas. With a calm head and unwavering passion for his craft, he is a bankable artist whose works the world needs to see.

Avhashoni Mainganye, born on 11 October 1957, writes poetry and works as a photographer, painter, printmaker and sculptor. He studied at Rorke’s Drift, a previous participant in Thupelo workshops, he was awarded the Solly Weiner Bursary at UNISA in 1985 and was a finalist in the 2008 Sasol wax awards. His most recent works, “Walking the ancestral path,” was exhibited at the University of Johannesburg Art Gallery.  Avhashoni’s aim is to create art awareness, initiate arts education in Venda and unveil other artists.

Currently living in Shayandima, Tshivhangwaho Hendrik Nekhofhe was born on 25 September 1955 and is one of the best wood sculptors we know. He works from his home studio where he masters his wood carving, sculpting intricately detailed figures with dexterity that can be likened to clay moulding. He has been participating in group exhibitions throughout South Africa, with exhibitions that include, participating in the Bozz Art Foundation Exhibition, touring South Africa and exhibiting in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban in the company of Phutuma Seoka, Nelson Mukhuba and Jackson Hlungwani. This year, 2014, his works where on show at the Chirombo Moderneum of Ancestry's exhibition "Dreaming with open eyes" being shown at the Albany Science Museum in Sommerset street, Grahamstown, South Africa.


Mishack Raphalalani, born 3rd of March 1947, is also one of the best and well-known wood sculptor in Venda. He lives at Tshakhuma Village in Venda along the Main Road from Makhado to Punda Maria gate of Kruger National Park in Limpopo Province. He has turned part of his house into a working studio where he does most of his wood sculptures. The finishing touches of his best works are done at the studio and visitors from all over come to buy and view his sculptures there. Mishack has Exhibited widely since 1973, both locally and internationally (as far as Holland, Hawaii, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, France, New York among other countries) this has given him the well-deserved status as an artist of distinction in South Africa. His work is sought after and housed in many private and corporate collections. A few of his art pieces are currently on show at Gallery 181- Mukondeni art gallery.

Shumani Sidogi, another young artist whose art the world had been waiting for, was born on the 31st of January 1985. He is one of the brightest learners to take apprenticeship under Mr Avhashoni Mainganye. His field of specialization is print making.  His current collection of works futures Earthly toned, heart warming depictions of rural village life, made in Colour Lino on Fabriano paper. Shumani’s prints are a great hit with visitors that come to the Art Centre in Thohoyandou. This is where you can find him quietly cutting away at the linoleum blocks to create his designs. In the Company of Mr Mainganye, and coffee flowing, the subjects and compositions are as vibrant and warm as the atmosphere.