Takalani Ligege


Takalani Ligege  is active as an entrepreneur promoting art in Limpopo on various platforms. He coordinated the Artists in Schools programmes for the DAC. He has worked as a graphic designer for several years and has experience as a creative director in the publishing industry. He is a practicing artist (painting ,print, wood and metal sculpture) and has participated several times in the FNBJoburg Art Fair.


Hendrick Nekhofhe


Tshivhangwaho Hendrik Nekhofhe was born on 25 September 1955 and is one of the best wood sculptors we know. He works from his home studio where he masters his wood carving, sculpting intricately detailed figures with dexterity that can be likened to clay mold-ing.


Avhashoni Mainganye


Avhashoni Mainganye, born on 11 October 1957, writes poetry and works as a photographer, painter, printmaker and sculptor. Avhashoni’s aim is to create art awareness, initiate arts education in Venda and unveil other artists.


Nduvho Ramulifho